(1926) Label Dismal Desmond

Very rare Deans Rag Book "Dismal Desmond" in very good condition indeed.
Produced in 1926, he was a resounding success for a short time until 1929 when Cheerful Desmond was made. Dismal was a predecessor to Mickey Mouse. Production of both Desmonds only lasted until 1936.
Desmond measures 15" from the tip of his tail to the top of his head. Seated to head 13"
He is made from a Dalmation spotted brushed cotton "Fluffidown", apart from the placket underneath which is plain. He also sports a red tongue which is in tact, and a felt bow. His eyes look remarkably like liberty bodice buttons which school knickers were fastened onto! He is not jointed, in fact his feet are sewn together to give him stability
He has his Reg Design number printed to his neck. A lovely example


Date 1926
Make Dean's Rag Book Dismal Desmond
Label Stamp on neck
Fabric Fluffidown
Size 13 ins
Eyes Covered buttons
Features All characteristics in tact
Clothes Integral
Number 252A

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