z(1926) Label Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Pretty Vintage Things

Very rare Deans rag book Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
Produced in 1926 for a short time. Oswald was a predecessor to Mickey Mouse. Production of Oswald only lasted until 1934.
Oswald measures 13" to the top of his head.
He is made from velveteen, is not jointed.
I think perhaps his owner preferred to have a Mickey Mouse as he has had some changes...to his nose..and his ears..and he has no eyes.
There is just glue residue where his eyes should be.
Also the pretty material which should cover Oswalds feet has been cut.There is just a little left.
Few little holes and re sewn seams.
Oswald does retain his eye brows and smiley mouth and he has his Reg Design number printed to his neck.
Hands have metal running through them and this is showing through just a tiny bit on left hand.
I think with a little imagination and a careful hand Oswald will look fabulous.


Date 1926
Make Dean's Rag Book Lucky Rabbit
Label Stamp on neck
Fabric Velveteen
Size 13 ins
Eyes Missing
Features Very rare
Pads Velveteen
Clothes Integral
Number 93V

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