z(1930) Jake. Showcased by Beverley Rothwell.

Dear Jake is a very well loved Deans Rag Book A1 bear produced in the 1930s. He is so gorgeous a real chunky boy I have had him for about 15 years now. He is wearing a Trilby which belonged to my father, they were both born in that year.  The hat still smells of my Dad he had it on when he collapsed so it's very precious to me x 


Date 1930s
Make Dean's Rag Book A1
Label Yes
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 24 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Stitching 4 pads 4 paws
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt replaced
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Clothes Trilby Hat
Growl Not Working
Number V170

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