Sold (1940) Label 2 Mutt and Jeff. £225 for both

A wonderful pair of 1940's golden mohair Merrythought bears. 'Mutt' and 'Jeff' are a wonderful pair of saggy baggy Merrythought bears from the 1940's that have seen a bit of the world and lived to tell the tale although neither of them have survived unscathed. Mutt has a pretty good covering of mohair and is mostly in original condition with kapok stuffing and a little wood wool in his snout. He has felt paw pads with the original webbed stitching, although both his paws have holes and have been crudely stitched to hold them together. Mutt's eyes have also been replaced with glass safety eyes and Jeff also. They are good quality amber and black glass eyes with big pupils but they do give both bears a slightly myopic look. Mutt's stuffing has broken down a bit and his nose is 'biffed' giving him a slumpy look but he is essentially a sturdy bear in decent condition. Mutt has his 'Merrythought Hygenic Toys' label on his left foot which dates him to 1940's. Jeff, on the other hand is saggier and baggier than his brother with a bashed in nose, replaced paw pads which have split to reveal that his arms has been completely restuffed with little balls of wool! I also think that his head and body have had the same stuffing as they are also very 'plumphy' and I can't feel any woodwool in his snout at all. His legs have the original stuffing though, as I can see it through a small hole in one of his foot pads. Jeff also has a decent coverage of mohair but there is a big kiss patch on his forehead and thinning and small bare patches eleswhere. Jeff also has his 'Merrythought Hygenic toys' label on his left foot pad. Mutt and Jeff are a wonderful pair of Merrythought bears with bags of character and would appeal to those of you who like their bears with a 'lived in' look. 



Date 1940
Make Merrythought
Label Foot
Fabric Mohair Golden
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Original Nose/Mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Clothes Blue Jumper
Number 41

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