(1930) Golden Boy

This is a really small 1930 Chiltern. This little guy 12 " has been in a draw since 1930..has pinky velvet pads card lined feet and is in MINT condition. Rare size 

 He is a rich golden mohair with card lined feet. He is stuffed with woodwool/soft kapok so he is very cuddly. He measures approx 12 inches in height. He has a vertically stitched nose with long end stitches, cupped ears, and his arms taper towards his paws, his legs are chunky and he has narrow ankles. He has 4 claws on his paws and 4 on his pads. His feet are reinforced with card, making the bottom of his feet flat. He has a prominent shaved muzzle.



Date 1930
Make Chiltern 
Fabric Mohair Golden
Size 12 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Vertical St Nose
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cotton/Card Feet
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Number 380A

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