SOLD (1930) Wilson The Kissable Muzzle.



 Wilson is an American antique (1910s) Teddy Bear in great shape. He features all the wonderful, classic, primitive features of the early American Teddies. He has his original, upside down V stitched mouth giving him a frowny, pouty expression and tiny fabric nose! Please check his side profile to see that nice snout! He has a bit of an underbite, too. Those features in conjunction with his football shaped torso, triangular head, beautiful cupped ears centered over his facial seams, short arms and longer legs made him a stand out early American bear. Note: Wooden, shoe button eyes were sewn in by me. I chose these eyes because they date to the same time period he was made and add to his over all primitive persona. 

 He is a tall bear at 22" tall and all of his five joints, limbs and neck, work perfectly as designed. Wilson's mohair coverage is very good with few sparse spots, is straw-stuffed with a non-working back speaker.

 Topping off this fine American specimen are is four original paw pads in great condition. His bottom pads come to a point making them tear dropped shaped. 


Date 1910
Make American 
Fabric Mohair Brown/Gold
Size 22 ins
Eyes Wooden Shoe Button (replacements)
Features felt patch nose
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt original in great condition. 
Stuffing Straw
Number V218

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