(1931) Earliest Label 1 Bingie

Tipped Merrythought sitting 'Bingie' bear. 11" tall in the seated position and dating to 1930-31.This super little bear is just 11" tall in the sitting postion, from his bottom to the top of his head and has jointed arms and head, but unjointed legs so he is fixed in the seated position. He is in good overall condition although he has had some light professional restoration by the wonderful Dot Bird which included underlining his paw pads and replacing his foot pads. He has retained a good covering of his soft gold mohair with some overall thinning and small bare areas, particlularly on his face and chest but he still retains 85% coverage. He was originally a tipped bear as there are areas where his mohair is slightly darker on the tips, but this has faded overall and just leaves the slight impression of a tipped mohair bear. He is a rare little bear and also has an embroidered label on the inside of his right thigh 



Date 1931
Make Merrythought
Label Inside Leg Earliest label
Fabric Tipped Mohair
Size 11 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Seated
Jointed Head and Arms
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Growl Squeaker working
Number 249A

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