z(1936) Label Bobby Bruin. Josie Rockett

Showcased by Josie Rockett


Here is Bobby Bruin. Bobby was produced by Merrythought in 1936 only. He is said to have been "designed from nature". His head and arms are jointed but he has metal rods running through his body into his legs allowing him to stand up like a real bear!! This lovely chap measures a huge 26 inches tall! which was the largest size that was made. He has wonderful bright orange felt pads with webbed claw stitching on his paws and huge card inserts in his feet. His body is filled with a mixture of kapok and wood wool, and he has large glass eyes. He is a gorgeous teddy and a very rare boy today. 



Date 1936
Make Merrythought
Label Foot label
Size 26 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Can stand
Jointed Rods to make him stand
Pads Orange carded Felt
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Number 94V

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