z(1936) Monty. Josie Rockett

Showcased by Josie Rockett


Monty is a very lovely and unusual Dean's art silk bear made between 1936-1938. He is very interesting as he doesn't quite fit a catalogued model, he does resemble the silkeen bears made at the time but he also has features of the mohair bears produced in 1938, this makes me think he is a transitional bear, very exciting! He has golden art silk fur, is filled with kapok and measures 17 inches long. When he came to live with us he didn't have any ears so I  made him some new ones using some authentic vintage art silk material. The stitching where his original ears used to be was still in place which gave me an idea of what size to make them. He has wonderful bright yellow felt pads with webbed claw stitching sewn onto his paws. He has his original large glass eyes and amazingly still has his original blue ink Dean's label on his left foot. Monty is such a lovely boy, he has the most amazing smile! He is a rare chap and a very exciting new member of our Dean's family. 



Date 1936-38
Make Dean's Rag Book 
Label Dean's blue ink label 
Fabric Golden Art Silk
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass Eyes
Features His ink label.
Pads Yellow felt with webbed claws
Stuffing  Kapok
Number 195V

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