(1937-39) Dean's Golliwog Label Mr Dean Sold £35

’Mr Dean’ a Dean’s Rag Book Co Ltd Golly late 1930s, with black cloth face with raise nose area, black mohair wig, red felt mouth, replaced glass eyes, yellow and red velvet integral clothes, white velvet shoes, blue felt tail coat and green and white printed label in neck seam —17 1/2in. (44.5cm.) high (holes in back of jacket, wear to yellow velvet, damage to right shoe and other wear)

Dean's of Yesterday by Neil Miller Pg112


Date 1937-39
Make Dean's Golliwog
Label Yes. Green
Fabric Velveteen and cotton
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass with painted backs
Features All Original In Dean's Book
Jointed All In One
Pads  Carded cotton feet
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Growl Not Working
Number 88A

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