Sold (1)(1937) Teddy Doofings


Teddy Doofings was manufactured by the well-known British teddy bear and soft toy company, Merrythought Ltd. It was only in production for two years, 1937 and 1938. It was one of Merrythought's novelty bears, highly distinctive and the most posable toy produced to date. Because it was only made for a short period of time, the Teddy Doofings bear is quite rare. 
As the name implies, this bear could do a lot of things and was advertised with the following rhyme - 
He can laugh, he can cry 
He can sing, he can sigh 
He can sweep, he can sleep 
He can box and darn socks 
He can play any way 
This is an exaggeration but the malleability of this bear did mean that most parts of the body could be moved, including opening and shutting its eyes. It was made in a variety of colours, brown, blue, pink and green, with brown being the most popular.


Date 1937
Make Merrythought
Label Foot label
Size  14 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Closing eyes
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Number 333

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