SOLD (1938) Dutch £25 Charity Auction

SOLD 1930/40s much loved WW2 bear. No label but a possible Merrythought face--in particular the nose and mouth stitching. Also very like the Merrythought Dutch bears. He has nice, original, amber and black glass eyes, albeit a grubby face! Unjointed. Footpads are the same material as his trousers. Very little mohair pile remaining- the little bit that is left is pink. The integral brown trousers are original .His upper body and arms are made of a green silk/rayon material. Many years ago this looks as if it became worn and was covered with a knitted jumper which now also very worn! Obviously a very well loved bear. Firmly stuffed with kapok/woolwaste, woodwool in the head. Someone has tacked a blue bow on to his neck, which is not really in keeping with his age and perhaps should be taken off. 


Date 1938/40
Make WW2 bear
Fabric Pink plush
Size 14 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Integral clothes
Jointed No
Pads Cloth
Stuffing Woodwoolwool waste
Clothes Brown Troos
Number 407

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