SOLD (1950) Aston

This lovely little bear has certainly been played with over the years. I dont know much about bears but he has got jointed discs in both legs, arms and head. Eye - glass beads coloured amber and black - they seem to be attached with a metal pole which goes into his head. Nose - is black stitching His head feels crunchy and hard His body and limbs are softer and not scrunchy. Pads on his hands and feet look like they were Rexine covered but most of it has come off. His feet have had the most wear and you can see some of the filling which looks to be a white material.The seam down his back has been undone at some point and re stitched He is generally pretty much bald with a thin covering of what I think is blonde golden mohair.I have looked around at other pictures of old bears and he looks very much like a Chad Valley Musical bear although he has no label,  there is a round area on his back which looks like there was a key in him at some point which has caused this darker wear. He measures 14" from his ears to his toes.A well loved jointed teddy bear.



Date 1950
Make Chiltern
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 12 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Original Stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Velvet/Carded
Stuffing Woodwool Kapok
Growl Yes
Number 205

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