z(1955) Label Deano. Showcased by Josie Rockett

Showcased by Josie Rockett


Deano is a gorgeous Dean's Rag Book "Tru To Life' bear designed by Sylvia Wilgoss made in 1955. He is unjointed, has golden mohair fur and has a beautifully moulded nose and paws made from rubber. Many of these surviving bears have lost their paws as they tend to perish over time but Deano, aside from a few cracks and a break in his left front paw, has managed to hold onto his well. His head is moulded rubber that has been covered with fur and his body feels to be filled with kapok. He has plastic eyes and is quite a big chap measuring 21.5 inches tall. He still has his Dean's label sewn into his side seam near his leg. Deano is a beautiful teddy, he really does look like a real bear. His mohair is quite bare on his tummy and arms so I have given him a waist coat to keep him warm! We have wanted a Tru to life bear for such a long time, I can't tell you how excited I was when he joined the family.




Date 1955
Make Dean's Rag Book 
Label Dean's 
Fabric Golden mohair
Size 21.5 ins
Eyes Plastic safety Eyes 
Features Sylvia Wilgoss design. Moulded nose
Jointed Unjointed 
Pads Rubber
Stuffing  Kapok
Number 260v

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