(1993) Label Clouseau from the Pink Panther

Clouseau is a limited edition bear no 86 of 250, signed by Sarah Sellers and Neil Miller. He is from the famous Pink Panther played by Peter Sellers. Clouseau is a lovely rich golden brown in his namesakes mac and hat with his Dean's label on his foot as well as his authenticity tags.

Chief Inspector Clouseau is a patriotic Frenchman. As rendered by Sellers, Clouseau’s French accent became more exaggerated in successive films (for example, pronouncing "room" as "reum"; "Pope" as "Peup"; "bomb" as "beumb"; and "bumps" as "beumps".) Classic! 



Date 1993
Make Dean's Rag Book Limited Edition
Label Dean's Rag Book
Fabric Mohair brown
Eyes Plastic safety Eyes
Features Inspector Clouseau's clothes
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Suedette
Stuffing  Kapok
Clothes Wonderful!
Number SS1

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