z(1990) Colour Bears. Beverley Rothwell


Colour box group Morris minor the schoolboy , Bertram bear, chocolate chip, prudence, Jonathan, Miles bear, Adrian , Ian bear and Binkie I think that's the lot. 

They're all from the 1990s but replicas of old bears I have an original one called Mycroft a Deans bear but he's in my cabinet he's adorable I have a soft spot for Deans bears as I joined the club in 1992 and started collecting from there

Date 1990
Make Dean's Rag Book Limited Edition
Label Dean's Rag Book
Fabric Mohair 
Eyes Plastic safety Eyes
Features Coloured clothes
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Suedette
Stuffing  Kapok
Clothes Wonderful!
Number BR 1

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