A Helvetia bear (1920) Urchin £250


When I found this old bear I knew she was someone special, I had an appraisal done on her and this is what the expert told me: 
"This 18" mohair Teddy with long hair is a sweetheart! It is a Helvetic bear, translated into Latin, Helvetia. That means your bear is from Switzerland! They are very famous for their musical bellows box which when gently squeezed plays a wonderful tune. The box is round resembling a Big Mac shape and thickness. It requires a continuous pumping action to play. It resembles the melody such as found on the Ruth Ford's Music Box Album. The eyes are brown glass with painted white backs that make them opaque. The small triangular shaped nose and mouth are completed with cord. Something interesting with the repairs on the back of the legs. We had this happen to us on a bear shipped from Germany. However, the slashed mohair was not repaired. It happened in customs, they were looking for confiscated jewels we think! I was able to carefully mend the torn areas. Perhaps that is part of your Bear's story as well. Love the diamond studded collar! There is thinning to the mohair but not bad considering Teddy is nearing 100 years old. These were from the 1920's era..."
And she is so special...the music does not work but I have not tried to pull the leather strap too hard as it has already broken at some point and seems pretty fragile...the studded collar was on her when I found her, so I have left it on...she is 18" tall and really a beauty....you can see the wool stuffing in a small hole in her foot, has been restitched in a couple of places, has gorgeous eyes, and such long mohair that is patchy in spots....just a gem...You can see a photo of one very similar in the "German Teddy Bear Encyclopedia" by Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik page 163, photo 625.



Date 1920
Make Pappe Moritz
Fabric Mohair Ginger
Size 18 ins
Eyes Glass replaced
Features Pull string Helvetic Musical
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt 
Stuffing Woodwool head/kapok

 Diamond Collar

Growl Musical
Number 246A

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