Sold (1914) Sergeant Culver. The Kissable Muzzle


This 1914-1920 Beige Mohair Teddy Bear is an outstanding 25" tall. He is fully jointed, has a fabulous hump back and the most amazing full mohair coat for a century old bear!

We call this handsome bear "Sergeant Culver" as he resembles a similar bear who is depicted as the mascot from 1914 of the Culver Military Academy in Logansport, IN. This is a tid-bit showcased in Pauline Cockrill's The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia.

Our Sergeant appears to have his original, beautiful, brown glass eyes with the striking early, unique American upturned, wide-triangular head and snout. His horizontal pinkish floss nose and upside down V mouth stitching also appear as original and in fantastic condition along with the three claws stitched on each paw. Simply amazing condition.

The American Stuffed Toy Company (some refer to this company as The Great American Stuffed Toy Company) had a signature look in the WWI - 1920s era. This bear is a perfect example of this.  Long football shaped torso, shorter limbs (all slightly different sizes), extra large triangular head, horizontal nose stitching with sharp upside down V stitched mouth and cupped ears some what off center. 

This overall look makes for a handsome and strong appearance. It is very easy to see how a Military Academy was taken with this fellow as he looks like a dashing marine or 5-star general!

This Teddy is in amazing condition for being 100 years old. His neck joint is loose as he does have a huge noggin! Other than that, this Teddy is extraordinary.



Date 1914
Make American
Fabric Mohair Beige
Size 25 ins
Eyes Brown glass
Features Horizontal nose stitching. Wide triangular head
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt original. All 3 stitches on paws
Stuffing Excelsior
Number V110

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