z(1940) Winnie the Pooh. Josie Rockett

Showcased by Josie Rockett

This lovely Pooh bear was designed and created by Agnes Brush in America. He dates to the late 1940s. He is made from an almost suede like golden material, is kapok stuffed and stands at 13 inches tall. Originally he would have worn a red top but this has been lost over time. Agnes Brush was given the Winnie The Pooh license in 1948, she worked from home with a small number of workers. All her Pooh characters were hugely popular as they so closely resembled E.H.Shepard 's illustrations in A.A.Milne's books. She was involved in every toy that was made, hand writing their card swing tags and even adding the finishing touches to each character herself. They were made with love and are quite rare toys today. 


Date 1940
Make American Agnes Brush
Fabric Golden Suede like material
Size 13 ins
Features Winnie
Jointed Unjointed
Stuffing Woodwool


Number V 282

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