Sold Ideal (1920) Rosalie.The Bear Necessities

SOLD by The bear Necessities 185$


Beautiful antique, two-toned pink US Stick/Teddy Bear was made in the 1920s by  Ideal. Stick Bears are associated with early Americana/Primitive Teddies which makes Rosalie, the glamorous, roaring 20s stunner a very special and rare find.

Rosalie is 17” from head to foot paw. Her head is stuffed with excelsior and her body is straw stuffed and fully jointed. Her favorite pose is to tilt her head to one side while bending forward to reach for her toes. This daily stretch for a near century has made her neck and shoulder joints a bit stiff. Her rayon plush/artificial silk coat has a lovely patina turning her once brilliant pink to a soft rose colored medley. Remnants of her true, brilliant pink-ness can be seen deep inside her ears and deep inside her arm and leg joints. Please note that she does have a couple of small spots where her delicate fur has fallen out - most notably above her nose towards her mid-forehead.

All of her facial features are original and intact. From her beautiful amber glass eyes to her black horizontal and mouth stitching. Three of her four felt paw pads show minimal wear. She has large, gorgeous cupped ears. There is about a 1.5cm stitching separation between the top of her head and the base of her left ear. Her right foot paw pad has a small hole (2cm) where straw can be seen. This is visible in the photograph where she is sitting down.

Lastly, Rosalie does have a non-working squeaker located on her back.  


Date 1920
Make American 
Fabric Artificial Silk
Size 17 ins
Eyes Original Translucent Amber Glass
Features Original nose and mouth stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool
Growl Not Working
Number 65V

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