zSummerhayes. Maureen Rowley. Jack and Jamie.

Jack and Jamie are from Maureen Rowley of Summerhayes Bears from Old Bears in Stow.

They are exquisitely made by Maureen. They are both 15 inches, made from mohair which has been distressed and aged.  They have leathered paws and claw stitching. 

"I have been making bears and designing for  20 years , and call them Summerhays bears because I used to live in a cottage in Devon called Summerhays Cottage. I only make about 25 a year now  and do it for the pleasure it gives me .  I love creating." 


Date Recent
Maker Maureen Rowley
Fabric Aged mohair
Size 15 ins
Eyes B Button
Features Exquisitely hand made
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Suede leatherette
Stuffing Poly Fibre and Pellets
Number A4