SOLD (1925) Knickerbocker, Valentino. The Kissable Muzzle

Sold by The Kissable Muzzle

AMERICAN BEAR Knickerbocker (1925/26)

"VALENTINO"The Kissable Muzzle

 Extremely rare, especially in this condition, 1925/26 American hand made, original Knickerbocker Teddy Bear. This teddy features long blonde/gold mohair, is 17" tall, fully jointed, with a slight hunch and long bended arms. His head is straw stuffed and body is comprised of woodwool. He is divine! His eyes are Amber glass replacements (slightly smaller than the original Amber glass eyes would have been). Amazingly his original horizontal nose and mouth stitching are intact as well as his four paw pads all of which are in very good condition.


Date 192526
Make American Knickerbocker
Fabric Long Blonde/Gold Mohair
Size 17 ins
Eyes Replaced Amber glass
Features Full original nose stitching. 
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt original. All four paws
Stuffing Head straw, Body woodwool
Clothes Naked
Growl Non working squeaker
Number V340

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