zEduard Cramer (1915-20) Lord Mayor Trub. Sue Howard

Lord Mayor Trub is showcased by Sue Howard

Lord Mayor Trub is one of my most favourite bears. I think he is a German Craemer bear. He has the most gorgeous face with very soulful eyes, that actually seem to follow you. Large black pupils.This guys stats are:
Date: c1915-20 Make: Possible German Craemer
Fabric: Once gold mohair, now a warm beige colour Size: 19"
Eyes: Beautiful back painted glass eyes. Jointed: fully jointed Pads: original felt


Date 1918-20
Make Eduard Cramer possibly
Fabric Mohair Gold
Size 19 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Very Rare
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Straw
Clothes Vintage Velvet Jacket
Growl Not Working- Clunky
Number V23

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