(1919) Fadap Thiery

F.Thiery is an old Antique French FADAP Mohair Bear 18" Rare. Hard stuffed with wood fibers. Fully jointed with discs. Glass eyes. Made of mohair, 40% of his mohair is intact. He has linen paw pads. His paw pads have damage from age and shows the wood fibers. Such a gorgeous bear his muzzle is turned up (typical of FADAP). He measures approx 18 inch tall / 46 cm 12 inch sitting / 30 cm Made by FADAP in the 1920s The majority of teddy bears which are sold in France were imported from Germany, until the limited supply caused by WW1 stimulated the establishments of French factories. Rivalling Steiff, metal button trademarks were sometimes used in the ear or on the body for identification. He is a good example of a Fadap bear with his stitched nose and Fadap expression, and his paws and pads with 3 claws on each.


Date 1920
Make Fadap
Fabric Rust/Rose Mohair
Size 18 ins
Eyes Glass 
Features Original vertical stitched nose/Mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Original Cloth. 3 paw stitches 3 pad stitches
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 388

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