3 Ideal (1915) Barrack

A very characterful mohair teddy bear, not sure of its origins possibly German or American? Five way jointed. Sparse mohair. Date circa early 1920's. Replaced Amber glass eyes, now wrongly replaced for boot button. Hard stuffed. Has some original nose stitching under new nose stitching. Paw pads some original! They have card under the felt. Under the card are electric contacts. Did he have electric eyes? More research to do! (See photos of electric contacts) Size 20 inches high. Has had a hard life, his mohair backing is fragile. There was an Electric Bright Eye Bear (1907) by the Fast Black Skirt Co, but the photos don't look like this bear. Did Ideal make one?



Date 1915-20
Make Ideal American?
Fabric Mohair Golden
Size 20 ins
Eyes Electric?
Features Hump Back. Pronounced snout. Vertical nose stitching.
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Cloth with electric contacts
Stuffing Woodwool
Growl Not working
Number 386

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