zSummerhayes. Brandy.

Brandy Maureen Rowley of Summerhayes Bears at Old Bears at Stow.

Brandy is a magnificent artist bear. He is 16 inches tall made in a cinnamon coloured mohair which gives an old effect.  He has leathered paws and claw stitching, he is wearing his  wool scarf and has an old rusty bell.

 I have been making bears and designing for  20 years , and call them Summerhays bears because I used to live in a cottage in Devon called Summerhays Cottage. I only make about 25 a year now  and do it for the pleasure it gives me .  I love creating. 

For Sale From Old Bears In Stow


Date Recent
Maker Maureen Rowley
Fabric Aged cinnamon mohair
Size 16 ins
Eyes B Button
Features Exquisitely hand made
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Suede leatherette
Stuffing Poly Fibre and pellets
Clothes Scarf
Number A5