SOLD Knickerbocker (1925) Cutie. The Bear Necessities

SOLD by The Bear Necessities 

Extremely rare 1925 American made Knickerbocker Teddy Bear. This was the first year Knickerbocker made Teddy Bears and this is the first style produced by the company. This teddy has long white/golden mohair(sparse in spots), is 13” tall and fully jointed, excelsior stuffed with a long torso, slight hunch and long bended arms.She is beautiful with light amber glass eyes (right is original w/slight crack, left replaced) and darling cupped ears. Her cute little muzzle has partial nose stitching and one string of loose mouth thread. All four paw pads are felt and present. Please note that there is one hole showing straw on her right hand paw pad. Her right foot paw pad has four holes also showing straw. Her left arm, just above left paw pad (in great shape) has a slight hole showing straw. The left foot paw pad is in great condition with just one tiny hole. Nice, firm joints. 


Date 1925
Make Knickerbocker American
Fabric Long White/Golden Mohair 
Size 13 ins
Eyes Glass/light amber (1 original/1replaced)
Features Original partial nose stitching
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Excelsior
Number V63

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