Knickerbocker (1925) George

George is Knickerbocker like and measures 17 inches tall and has glass eyes with brown stitched nose and mouth. He is  made of mohair with kapok stuffing. George has some overall mohair loss which is normal for a bear of his age. It just adds to his old world charm! This guy does not have claws and has some very minor damage to the fabric of his left paw, which is not very noticeable. Overall, this old fellow would make a gorgeous addition to any collection of antique bears or dolls.

1925 was the first year Knickerbocker made Teddy Bears  George has long white blond mohair (sparse in spots), is fully jointed with a long torso, slight hunch and long bended arms. All four paw pads are felt and present. 


Date 1925
Make Knickerbocker American
Fabric Long White Blond Mohair 
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass
Features No claw stitching
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Kapok

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