SOLD Knickerbocker (1925) Mischief. The Bear Necessities.

SOLD by The Bear Necessities 

Extremely rare 1925 American made Knickerbocker Teddy Bear. This was the first year Knickerbocker made Teddy Bears and this is the first style produced by the company. Made of long, white mohair (thinned in areas) this lovely Teddy is a stately 21". Features include being fully jointed (could use some tightening), excelsior stuffed with a long torso, slight hunch and long bended arms. His kissable muzzle has its original nose and mouth stitching. Sweet little cupped ears (left has well hidden stitches) and fabulous light amber replaced glass eyes top off his gorgeous face. Paw pads are the original felt. Note the left hand paw-pad has been stitched in multiple spots. The right hand paw-pad has well-matched stitch repairs. Both feet paw-pads have a few tiny holes but are otherwise in great condition. It appears as though the right arm slightly longer than the left arm.



Date 1925
Make Knickerbocker American
Fabric Long White Mohair 
Size 21 ins
Eyes Glass light amber replaced
Features Original stitched nose and mouth
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Excelsior
Number V62

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