Sold (1940) Princess. The Kissable Muzzle For Sale.



Meet PRINCESS. One of the last, great classic Teddy Bear designs by the American toy manufacturer, Knickerbocker Toy Co.

Princess is the culmination of all the traditional and evolutionary traits that made Knickerbocker Teddies so popular then and collectible now. For starters, she is a large and well made 20” bear. She has the longest, thick, high quality Mohair I’ve seen on any of the classic Knickerbocker Teddies, and it is just gorgeous. Note how adorable and unique her large cupped ears are with their full, sprouting Mohair. As is standard with most Knicks, her ears are centered perfectly over her facial seams creating a beautiful  symmetry of proportion.


She has an incredibly kissable inset, clipped muzzle which the signature features of black, vertical nose and mouth stitching, in excellent condition. Large, stunning German glass replacement eyes are sewn into the facial seams as is standard for the brand and sit perfectly atop her muzzle.


A stout, kapok stuffed body and limbs make her irresistibly squeezable! She is fully jointed with all four limbs and neck moving as designed. Her large,  original velveteen paw pads, in very good condition, are completely intact. Her tootsies are squared off at the top, a tell-tale sign of her post-war, 1940s design. She also has a non-working back squeaker.Her presence, beauty and quality will make Princess a standout in any collection and definitely a favourite companion.



Date 1940
Make Knickerbocker American
Fabric Mohair Brown
Size 20 ins
Eyes German Glass 
Oversized Cupped Ears, Inset Muzzle, Vertical Black Nose and Mouth Stitching,
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Felt
Stuffing Woodwool/Kapok
Growl Non working back squeaker
Number 394A

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