Pam Howells. Cinnamon 2017

The teddybear-museum is delighted to have acquired and able to showcase one of Pam Howells's bears

Cinnamon has the stamp of one of our most celebrated and earliest artist bears. He is exquisitely made a magnificent example of Pam's work. Pam says 

"For a long time bears have been a part of my life.  At 17, and after 18 months at Art College, I was appointed Assistant Designer at Chiltern Toys, a long established soft toy factory in south Wales which made the famous ‘Hugmee’ bears.  My very first design for Chiltern was for a non-jointed bear on a tricycle.  After ten years as designer I had to leave, since my husband (a sculptor for the same company) was transferred to Lincolnshire.  A few years after the move, I rented a small workshop about six miles from home.  Continuing to design and make a variety of soft toys including bears, I was there for over 25 years.

For many years mohair was very difficult to obtain, however, I was sometimes able to buy small quantities from helpful suppliers.  The bears I make are very traditional in style, but usually come back to my ordinary bears which have nice gentle faces.  I like to dress some bears in vintage clothing and also to decorate some with antique lace collars and jewellery.  However, not all bears suit being dressed.  I highly value the awards given to me by the British Toy Makers Guild for my bears and other animals." Pam Howells

Began selling retail:  1972


Date 2017
Make Pam Howells
Eyes Glass
Jointed Fully Jointed
Stuffing Granulated mineral


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