Sold (1927) Stick Bear Ronald

Ronald is a post First World War Teddy Bear, his coat is cinnamon art silk and he is very hard stuffed.  His pads are linen or cotton weave in a complimentary cinnamon colour. There is no claw stitching or indication that there ever was. The eyes are small - amber and black glass. The body is fully articulated with moveable joints - rotational - head and limbs. Arms and legs are mounted to the body with concealed circular disc joints. The curved arms extend down to the hip and have an unusual hook at the end. The legs are long and straight - stick like - with no boot or foot at the end. He has round cup like ears and a slight snout. He has a quizzical downward grin and small triangular shield shaped nose. Ronald belonged to the grandmother of a friend of the original owner. She (the grandmother) immigrated to Canada from England well before the war. Ronald is in good condition although his fur is matted - duller in color than originally intended. Stitching is tight with no splits, rips or repairs. Nose and mouth stitching is tight. Eyes are firmly mounted to the head. Arms, legs and head rotate freely. A loose cotton thread extends from the top of the left thigh and bottom of left ear. The pads are in good condition with no real wear or tear. 


Date 1909-12
Make American Stick Bear
Fabric Cinnamon Plush
Size 15 ins
Eyes Glass amber and black
Features Hook On Arms. Long thin legs
Jointed Fully jointed
Pads Linen/Cotton
Stuffing Excelsior/Woodwool
Clothes Green Bow
Growl Not working
Number 14

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