z(1905) Steiff Patch and Pricilla. Josie and Tommy Rockett

Patch and Pricilla are visitors from Josie and Tommy Rockett's collection.

Patch and Priscilla are Steiff bears made in 1905. They are possibly the most well loved Steiff bears you will ever see. Patch is a rare centre seam bear and Priscilla is white making them both quite rare bears. They are equally patched up and worn and although they were not purchased together they always look as though they have been. They both have 5 claws remaining on each of their left feet, I like to think that maybe they did know each other all those years ago and they have now been reunited! Their wooden boot button eyes are original and they have some remaining nose stitching. They both measure 17 inches long are filled with wood wool, neither of them have their buttons. They really are the dearest old couple.


Date 1905
Make Steiff
Fabric Mohair 
Size 17 ins
Eyes Wooden Boot  Button
Features Original Stitching
Jointed Fully Jointed
Stuffing Woodwool


Number V3 and V4

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