English. Teddy Toys, Harwin.

Harwins all have six features that seem to run the same regardless of the quality, size or pattern, plus a large hump!

1.  They always seem to have big hips! The legs are joined a little higher up than other bears making the crotch look low down and the hips look wide, wider than the shoulders.

2.  They all have mouth stitching that is shaped like a ' W'.

3.  They all have large feet and very slim ankles, and the upper leg is not very shapely.

4. They all seem to have hand paws that curve inwards at the wrist, so that they can almost sit with their tips of their paws touching, provided any new pads have not been put on too tightly.

5. Where the centre gusset of the head goes down to the neck, it doesn't go to a point like most bears, it has a squared off ending that is tucked under the joint. 

6.  The ears are tucked into the head seams then curved round down the side of the head making them 'cupped' ears.