z Angela's cats

Unusually, a cat collector! 

I use to make Teddy Bears in the 90`s after taken a class in Teddy Bear making. But I always been fond of stuffed toys, even as a child. My first love was a Schuco Bigo Bello cat as I was 4 years old. But as I found E-Bay my obsession got started. At the beginning for any stuffed toy, then I won an very old cat and that made me collect only cats. My goal was to get as many differend cat as possable from all over the world.Cats came is smaller sizes.Here in Canada, Edmonton, Alberta we have no old stuffed toys. All of my cat came from somewhere else. But we have also no clubs or teddy bear fairs here. Nothing.

I got a little sad, I have nobody to show them to. So I looked at the internet for clubs but I can find nothing there either. That took the fun away and now ist is rare that I still find a cat witch I do not have yet. I`m very alone out here with my hobby. So my last cat was bought in November last year. All the years (12) I was also helping the poor cat in very bad shape. My class in Teddy Bear making did help a lot. I never gave up on a cat, no mather in what shape she came in. Myself to see other cats are often on Pinterest to see pictures of cat. For me it is nice to see other peoples cats. I found the only cat on your webside an it is a Deans cat. The did help me ID my cat. I have one in pink and a small size. Thank you for that. I do have two live cats, Emma and Bonnie.