SOLD (1904) Strunz B Wilder

This is B. Wilder, the only thing I know about him is that he belonged to my Great Uncle. His name was Foster B Snowden. Uncle Foster was born in 1892 in Pennsylvania . He told us that his father went to Germany and bought him back and gave it to him for his 5th birthday. We know that would make it 1897 and bears were not invented yet, unless he was made before the first documented bear. Wouldn’t that be great? Most likely though, my uncle was older and maybe embarassed to tell us he got a stuffed animal at an older age. I wish we had a picture of him with the bear, but we don’t.

 He has an original gutta percha nose, boot button eyes and a good covering of mohair. He has felt paws and carded pads with five brown stitches to both.


Date 1904
Make Strunz

Mohair white/very blond

Size 13 ins
Eyes Boot button
Features Gutta percha nose
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt carded
Stuffing Woodwool

Pink bow

Number 200A

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