SOLD (1914) Little Tumbler For Sale £125

 Little Tumbler is an unusual tumbling Teddy Bear, probably English, with short golden mohair, black glass eyes, black stitched nose and mouth, slotted-in ears, fixed neck and jointed limbs held in place by curled wire. Attached to two different size sticks in a similar way. When the sticks are moved, the bear turns and tumbles. 

This is an unusual and rare simplistic toy, that probably dates from around the 1st world war. He is 61/4 ins tall. On his sticks he's 171/2 inches


Date 1914
Make English.
Fabric Mohair Golden
Size 6 ins
Eyes B Bttn
Features Original Stitching
Jointed Jointed for tumbling
Stuffing Woodwool
Number 225A

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