SOLD (1915-20) Smiles Chad

The following seven bears are Chad Smiles bears. There was a postcard of a smiling little girl, a smiling doll and a smiling Chad bear like this one. These bears were then known as Smiles bears. Smiles is a solid bear another character with the same unusual nose as Maeve. He is in beautiful condition. He has a loose eye and his ears need a stitch or two!



Date 1915-20
Make Chad
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 24 ins
Eyes Glass. One loose
Features Vertical stitching on upward nose with upward end stitches
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Triangular pads with carded cloth. 3 stitches to paws and pads
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Cardy
Number 420

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