SOLD Barley £125

This is a much-loved, early white mohair Farnell like teddy bear with large card lined feet, standing 17 inches tall. She's a quality bear, stuffed with a mix of woodwool and kapok, and has a large inoperative tilt growler, as well as a front-closing torso seam. She's been repaired at various intervals, including a more recent nose job! Although her nose and mouth have been re-stitched to closely match her original light tan claws, some original nose threads remain underneath, along with the black felt underlay. Poor girl's muzzle is extensively darned and patched. Both her footpads are original felt, with repairs, while her paw pads have been completely recovered. Fully-jointed, there's a patched repair to the underside of her arm. Also, both ears have been re-attached. Apart from the wear to her face, she's a good strong bear and has kept about 65-70% of her lovely curly white fur. This beautiful, pensive-looking old ted is wearing her handmade dress with antique 'shawl' and vintage butterfly pin.


Date 1918
Make English 
Fabric Mohair White
Size 17 ins
Eyes Glass moon eyes possibly replaced
Features Original Nose / Mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Card Lined
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Dress / Shawl
Growl Not Working
Number 206

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