SOLD (1930) Dillon For Sale £295

Dillon is a 1930s teddy bear standing 22″ tall. He has old recovered foot pads, the original card lined ones appear to be underneath. His paw pads are original with repairs extending to his wrists and he has a full set of claws.He has some old darns around his muzzle and stitches added to his nose.His large glass eyes are the back painted originals, the paint having worn away over the years. Dillon is a strong old bear, with plenty of thick golden mohair (99%),with a large non working growler clunking in his tummy. He has a large hump. Dillon has a lovely shy smile which is very appealing.



Date 1930
Make English
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 22 ins
Eyes Lovely glass eyes with painted backs and large black pupils
Features Original vertically stitched nose and mouth
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Carded Feet with 4 stitches on paws and pads
Stuffing Woodwool.
Clothes White Coat
Growl Not Working
Number 253

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