Petz (1920) Portia

1920's Austrian/German Petz bear Portia with a signed, framed watercolour painting.This lovely large bear, stands at 20". She is five ways jointed with all her joints working smoothly and she is completely wood wool stuffed. She is overall in very good condition with almost all her original features intact including her painted back glass eyes, (although most of the paint has worn off now) and horizontal nose and mouth stitching. Just her paw pads have been replaced by a previous owner with a soft brushed cotton. She has retained a very good covering of her bright golden mohair with just slight overall thinning and some small bare spots here and there but she has retained a good 90-95%. Her mohair has faded on her forehead but is a bright golden colour on her body and limbs. She is a sturdy and handsome character bear with a lovely gentle expression and is accompanied by a watercolour portrait of herself. The framed painting is dated and signed 'Alix Boyd' and the frame measures 19" x 16". Another painting of a 1930's Chad Valley bear by the same artist is known which was dated 1972 so one would assume that this picture is also from the early 1970's. Both the frame and picture are in good condition.



Date 1920
Make Aust Petz
Label Watercolour
Fabric Mohair Golden
Size 20 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Original
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Velvet
Stuffing Woodwool
Clothes Alix Boyd portrait in dress
Growl Not Working
Number 133

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