Sold (1920) 2 Blue B Vera £95

Vera is a wonderful 1920s Chad Valley bear who still retains her blue button in her ear, the early one without the word British on it. She has overall wear .She has orignal cotton pads and has 3 stitched claws which are replaced and you can see the holes for 4 stitches. She does have some wear to one side of her muzzle and a stain near her right eye. She is fully jointed and comes without her modern nurses outfit which is her costume in the WW2 hospital scene in the museum She measures 14" tall.


Date 1920
Make Chad Valley
Button Early blue Button (n0 British)
Fabric Mohair Blond
Size 14 ins
Eyes Glass tied off at the back
Features Replaced Nose / Mouth, Ears high on head.
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Cotton carded pads. original paws
Stuffing Woodwool/Kapok
Clothes Vintage Dress
Growl none
Number 5A

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