(1915-20) Mr Smiles

Mr Smile is a Chad Smiles bears, one of the very first Chad bears made during their experimental period. There was a postcard of a smiling little girl, a smiling doll and a smiling Chad bear like this one, from which they were then known as Smiles bears. Two of those photos are shown. I am so lucky to have one. Mr Smiles is a very handsome and unusual brown bear, a bear with quite a character. He has glass eyes, replaced paws and pads. His mohair is in superb condition. Quite rare to find a Smiles bear of this colour particularly with the postcards. A good solid bear.






Make Chad 
Label Before labels
Fabric Mohair Brown
Size 20 ins
Eyes Glass
Features Light brown stitching to nose with upward ends
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Replaced. 
Stuffing Woodwool

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