SOLD (1930) Mitzi. Jackie Beddows


Here are two bears, the one on the left is a Deans Mouse eared ted, the other is a Jopi type bear with brown tipped two tone fur. They both measure 15 inches in height. They both have lots of fur remaining, and are very clean.

The Deans bear is c1930 and as she is in good condition

She is a super, golden mohair Dean 'Mouse Ear' bear standing at 15" tall.  She is very loved with a wood wool stuffed head and a kapok stuffed body. She has her original black cotton nose and mouth stitching and three claw stitches on each paw  Her felt pads are also original . Deans mouse ear bears were so called because of their large rounded ears sewn high up on the sides of their heads giving them a mouse like appearance





Make Dean's Mouse Ear
Fabric Mohair Golden
Size 15 ins
Features Original Nose/Mouth/claws
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt original
Stuffing Woodwool 
Growl Not Working
Number 308V

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