Sold (1922) Big bear on all four paws with Baby.

These two bears are white mohair, Big bear walking on all fours, without her glass eyes, has a stitched vertical nose with down end stitches and 3 stitched claws on each pad. She has a fully jointed head which turns all the way round through 360 degrees. (photo 9 and 10) Her huge arms are wired through to her carded black felt paws and pads.(Photo 7 and 8) The replacement pads show the originals underneath. The legs feel as though they once had some slight movement in them although they are not jointed. She is very big and heavy. She is a magnificent beast.


Date 1920s
Make  English
Fabric Mohair white
Size 22 ins
Eyes None!
Features Good hair coverage
Jointed Not Jointed
Pads Black felt
Stuffing Woodwool 
Number 452

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