Hugo Koch (1960) Tag

Hugo Koch Tag

Hugo is a Hugo Koch bear made in the 1960s with his original paper tag/label. He was sold by Bonhams on the 1st march 1995. This actual bear appears on page 117 of The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia,. He has discoloured white mohair plush with an inset, short, white mohair-plush muzzle and an unusual mauve tipping. A vertically stitched black nose which extends down to an open mouth with felt palate and painted tongue. Amber glass eyes with black pupils. Short, plush pads with the inner edge ending in a Zotty style point. Large, oval, cream plush foot-pads and 3 large airbrushed claws. His tag has the logo which depicts a bear wearing a chef's hat and holding a spoon.


Date 1950-60
Make Hugo Koch
Fabric mohair
Size 12 ins
Eyes original glass
Features Original Nose / Mouth
Jointed Not Jointed
Pads velveteen
Clothes bell
Number 417

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