z Beverley Rothwell's bears

I am Beverley Rothwell, 55 years old living in the Ribble Valley with my 2 sons 2 tom cats and Rufus my Golden Retriever dog.  I have been collecting teddy bears for 25 years now starting off with little Colourbox miniature figurines and then discovering they made them into cuddly bears as well.  I have the Deans collection of all the Colourbox bears all wonderful characters and part of my ever growing collection,  I did collect artists bears to begin with and have now progressed into antique bears which I adore.  I have met many wonderful friends through my hobby and now have lots of furry ones to keep me company as well.  I have recently started to work part time after 26 years of hard slog so I am taking the opportunity to visit new places and hopefully seek out more wonderful bears to join my hug.