Merrythought was established in 1930 and brought in Clifton Rendle of Chad Valley and Henry Janisch of J. K. Farnell (two leading British soft toy manufacturers) as sales personnel  and together with talented designer Florence Attwood produced the company’s first catalogue.  Merrythought was the 17c name for "Wishbone", the symbol for good luck, which features on their button and label.                                                                                                                            

Merrythought bears identifying features are:-

  • Ears set wide apart and sewn into facial seam flat.
  • shaved muzzle
  • wood wool stuffed head
  • Wishbone button in ear in early bears
  • vertically stitched nose with downward outer stitches
  • webbed claws
  • label on foot of early bears

Bears with buttons have "A Wishbone" before their name so that their photos sit together.

Similarly those with Labels say so.

Some bears are for sale:- Please use the search box. "Merrythought For Sale"