Omega and Omega like.

The British United Toy Manufacturing Co. Ltd, who used the trademark Omega from 1914, was founded in 1894, originally called, James S. Renvoize Ltd.  The factory was originally based in South Tottenham, Middlesex, with a showroom in Cripplegate, London.  It was here that the first registered designs were made for the Coaster, Camwheel & Speedway toys to compete with Steiffs popular Record series. They later moved their production and their showroom to The Union Works in Carysfort Rd, Stoke Newington, N16.  It would seem from the adverts, that these Coaster toys first made their appearance around 1914 and they must have sold well, as they were kept in production until at least the end of the 1920s, where they were still advertised in their 1927 catalogue.  Their toys were of extremely good quality, with the pads on their bears often having a double layer, firstly lined with linen and then covered with felt.