(1915-20) BRITISH MADE label

We have a bear with a BRITISH MADE label who is cork stuffed. The unusual cloth rectangular label is high on the teddy's back near his neck. It is old and faded and has been overwritten with the words "British made" This may well be from the Chad Valley experimental period.

"I have some information for you about the “British Made” bear in your unidentified section. I am pretty sure he is a Chad Valley bear perhaps from 1914/15, the first year of production. The very first Chads had a chest button with the words “British Made”. This bear does have a look of a Chad, is cork stuffed, as were the early Chads and although he has a label instead of a button it does seem to me to indentify him as Chad. His rattle is also a sign that he was made by a good toymaker with original ideas."  

Bear in Chad Valley section with British Made label, Edgar


Date 1915/20
Make Chad
Label Back of neck. "British Made" 
Fabric Mohair 
Size Various
Eyes Glass
Features Unusual Label
Jointed Fully Jointed
Pads Felt/Unusual long Stitches
Stuffing Cork Filled
Growl Rattle

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